Thursday, December 03, 2009

The word for peace

May it be peaceful in my house,
May it be peaceful in every house,
In my mind may it be peaceful,
In every mind may it be peaceful,
Where I walk may it be peaceful,
Where everybody walks may it be peaceful,
All around me may it be peaceful,
All around the world may it be peaceful.

I will not stop in my quest for peace. I want serenity for myself. I hope for it for everyone. I begin my peace practice by sending wishes for little moments of peace to everyone who draws breath on this magnificent planet. The more I say these words, the more I encourage my children to say them with me, the more peace we will know and share.

Every day this week, I will adopt a country, learn its word for peace, and send my good wishes to mothers, children, and their families all around the world, praying for peace on earth.
Spain-la paz
Italy-la pace
Brazil-a paz

I send a message of serenity as I chant peace.
I am at peace. The world is at peace.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Put your heart on it

Tune your ear to the heart and all paths lead to happiness.

I make my important decisions by listening to my heart. I start with my intellect to sort out the pros and cons, but in the middle of the night when my mind is reeling with the weight of a decision, it is my heart that leads me to a peaceful place. When it is difficult to sit still and wait for my intuition to guide me,  I remind myself, sim lev which means “Put your heart on it” in Hebrew.

Give every little moment all your heart.