Thursday, June 12, 2008

Children are mirrors.

My children show me a true picture of myself. Knowing this helps me become more conscious of my words and actions. When I see a reflection that displeases me, I try not to feel guilty that I have set less than a perfect example. I use the information I have learned from them to improve myself. By talking to even the youngest children about my process, I teach them how to deal with a life they will lead as imperfect people. They will make mistakes. They will fail at times. They will hurt other people's feelings. It is my job to teach them how to repair and forgive, how to accept weaknesses as well as strengths, and how to love themselves as much as I love them. What do you see in the faces of your children?

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Susan M. Heim said...

This is so true. There have been several times when my children have said something "not so nice" to me, and then I've realized that they've picked it up from me or my husband. Sometimes I need to remind myself that if I expect my children to speak respectfully to me that I must also speak respectfully to them. It's up to me to set the example.